History of Treeview Estates

Our Philosophy

The Treeview philosophy is in creating and fostering a unique culture of community that embraces the individualism of people in the village, but also brings people together to harness the rich kaleidoscope of personalities and interests that make communities great. It is lead by the residents and how they want to live their lives. This continues every day as the community develops and evolves.

Our Vision

To be the Blue Mountains and Central West region’s leading retirement provider, renowned for creating an enjoyable and independent lifestyle for the senior community.

To deliver a high standard of service to our residents, focused on quality, safety and attentiveness. We will ensure our services are personalised and affordable to meet our residents’ needs.

To provide high quality facilities and to strategically invest in improving our buildings, gardens, grounds and infrastructure.

Our Values

The core principles that underpin our culture and guide how we operate every day:

We pride ourselves on our integrity

We believe our reputation and residents’ trust are paramount to how we operate. We work with transparency, fairness and empathy across all areas of our operations. We endeavour to provide accurate and timely information to ensure all members of our community feel informed and valued.

We provide outstanding service to our community

We recognise the privilege and responsibility we hold in delivering and safeguarding an enjoyable and independent lifestyle for our residents. We deliver attentive and personlised support and respond to difficult situations with discretion and sensitivity. We are regularly seeking feedback and looking for ways to improve our services and facilities.

We recognise our team’s collective strength

We value that each individual brings a range of knowledge, skills and experience to our organisation. We acknowledge our ability to achieve more when we work together, yet also believe individual accountability is crucial to achieving our vision.

Customer Service Charter

Treeview Estates (Treeview) is committed to delivering the highest standard of customer service to our residents and the broader Treeview community.  Our customer service is delivered by skilled, professional, empathetic and courteous staff. In providing services, we ensure our team members:

  • Deliver high quality service with minimal delay;
  • Have the training, experience and capability to understand and respond to issues;
  • Are informed of our current policies and procedures;
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity; and
  • Address sensitive matters with discretion.

Meet the team

Jennifer Youman

Operations Manager

Jennifer is focused on assisting everyone in the Treeview community to experience the lifestyle of their dreams. Every day is enjoyable in adding value to people's lives. Jenifer is dedicated to ensuring all aspects of operations work seamlessly across the village. This comes from a lifetime commitment to delivering outstanding service to people with an extensive background in the hospitality and events industry.

Danielle Davidson

Resident Services Coordinator

Danielle has come from a service-based background, working with vulnerable people within the community. Her care and compassion are demonstrated in her unique ability to connect with residents with genuine support and professionalism The residents are truly fortunate to have such a responsive and capable person assisting as resident services coordinator for Treeview Estates.

Andrew Egan

Sales Manager

Andrew has been a member of our Treeview team for 2 years. He brings a wealth of experience in both the retirement and the real-estate sector. Having run a successful real estate agency on the Northern Beaches for 10 years, Andrew has proven to be a significant benefit to incoming residents, as they negotiate through this next exciting phase. Many residents testify that Andrew's support, skills and property knowledge were a direct benefit in ensuring they felt safe, secure and informed during this process, from the initial reservation all the way to the big move in day.

Craig Croucher

Maintenance Manager

Craig and his team take great pride in keeping the village in tip top shape. This includes the stunning landscape and gardens, but also the buildings. Best of all, residents of Treeview are in constant appreciation of the jobs the team do around the village in peoples homes when they need assistance, but also to provide guidance and support to those who want to look after their homes and gardens. This is all part of the commitment to service at Treeview Estates.

Andrew Evetts

Managing Director

Treeview Estates has been Andrew's passion since co-founding the village in 2006. His vision was to create a community that catered for the needs of seniors that just wasn't available near the Blue Mountains. Andrew has been hands-on and led the expansion of the village, leading the construction of 134 villas. He has had the pleasure of seeing people move into the village and enjoying an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle. A great achievement has been working with the community to achieve full accreditation under the national retirement village accreditation scheme. He and his team are committed to treating residents with an individual and personalised touch that can only be delivered in closely owned and operated village.

Laurelle Lawson

Senior Executive

As the Founder of Australian Retirement Partners, Laurelle and her team are the most experienced advisers in village operations in Australia. Laurelle is well known for her passion and enthusiasm for the retirement village industry, with more than 20 years experience in the sector. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the village and has been a member of the NSW Executive of the Retirement Living Council for 15 years