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Benefits of a Tree Change for Retirement

We’ve all heard of a sea change, but as the beautiful Australian coastline becomes even more populated and prices are skyrocketing, many retirees are turning to a tree change for a much needed change of pace. But what is it that attracts these folk? Why do they make this decision, and what can we learn from their lifestyle changes? Let’s unpack the latest retirement trend.

A change of pace

It’s no secret that the countryside offers a quieter, more peaceful way of life. As development sets into your local inner city suburb, your familiar neighbours are swapped for townhouses and unit complexes, creating the hustle and bustle to what used to be a quiet family street. Switching peak hour traffic for the sounds of birds chirping certainly has its appeal. Once work and family commitments are a thing of the past, it’s time to think about a location that will suit your pace of life.

Cheaper housing

A huge driving factor for retirees to trade busy city lights for star lights is the ability to downsize into a newer home and contribute more money to their super. If you’ve had your family home for quite some time, chances are you could retirer earlier than expected or have a more comfortable retirement with the proceeds of the sale of your house. If you are 65 years old or older and meet the eligibility requirements, you might even be able to make a downsizer contribution to your super.

A relaxed lifestyle

Living in an urban environment can quickly become overstimulating, affecting the area of the brain that regulates emotions and anxiety. Access to more open and green space can also allow for more possibilities in terms of physical exercise and activities, which helps to reduce stress. While sport and exercise are available in the city, certain activities like fishing, hiking, or visiting botanical gardens are more easily accessible in the countryside.

A greater sense of community

One of the secrets to having a happy and healthy retirement is to be part of a community. Retirement villages certainly offer a fantastic community atmosphere beyond your typical neighbourhood. At Treeview Estates, we have weekly hobbies, interests and sports groups that bring our residents together to laugh, stay connected and build genuine friendships that add real value to everyone’s lives. Most of our residents comment on how they didn’t know their neighbours let alone their entire neighbourhood, before moving to Treeview.

”The country life is to be preferred, for there we see the works of God; but in cities little else but the works of men.” – William Penn.

If you’re ready to explore the tree change way of life, take some time to visit Treeview Estates, located in the beautiful and historical Lithgow. Why not make a day of it? Check out our Exploring the Lithgow Area blog post and discover what makes this side of the world so special.